Achievements and Experience in the ARBOC Invalidation Risk Marketplace:

2012 – I became the retail insurance agent for the first invalidation risk policy from Lloyds.

2013 – The California Cap-and-Trade Marketplace opened for business.

2012 to 2014 – I traversed the country meeting with Legal, Compliance, and Contract department personnel from both ARBOC Buyers and Suppliers. The Miscellaneous Professional Liability (MPL) was proposed to transfer invalidation risks for ARBOCs.

2012 to 2017 – I brokered all the policy revisions requested by the Suppliers and Buyers of ARBOCs. I studied the AB32 Regulation, ARB Guidance Documents, and the only Invalidation of ARBOCs. I attended all the conferences and ARB webinars. I tracked all the legislation of import.

2017 – A CA utility approved the robustly revised MPL policy for use, and the first insurance transaction followed covering invalidation risks for U.S. Forestry ARBOCs. This transaction might have been the first insurance policy transferring invalidation risk for compliance instruments.

May of 2018 – I partnered with AmWINS Group to conduct ARBOC invalidation risk webinars and workshops for 40 senior insurance executives. In the end, four global insurance companies pledged to support new invalidation coverage for ARBOCs.

January to May of 2019 – I developed the new Next-Gen innovative coverage template with AmWINS Group.

May of 2019 – AmWINS Group, CCIS, and the four global insurance companies announced to the California Cap-N-Trade ARBOC Market the Next-Gen Invalidation Security Insurance.

Work History:

October 2017 to Present
President, CA Compliance Insurance Solutions, Inc. (CCIS)

1999 to October of 2017
Vice President/Principal – BC Environmental Insurance Brokers, Inc.
New Business and Programs

1985 to 1993
California Air National Guard, Pararescue
California National Guard Military Cross Ribbon

1982 to 1985
USAF, Pararescue
Military Freefall (HALO/HAHO), Combat Diver, Survival, Battlefield Emergency Medical Paramedic, Advanced and Small Weaponry, Small Team Tactics, and Helicopter and Fixed Wing crew member.

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