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ARBOC Invalidation Insurance


  • Coverage Template is simple. It will breeze through Legal departments for approval.

  • Underwriting is streamlined involving an Issuance application and Full Verification Report.

  • Issuance (s) of ARBOCs are added to the Next-Gen by endorsement.

  • Minimal maintenance if any is required. 


  • Coverage developed exclusively from coverage research provided by the Supplier-Sellers and Buyer-Covered Entities, from the AB32 Regulation, and from the ARBOC Buy-Sell Contracts that require and use Invalidation Security.

  • Coverage is intertwined with CITTS and the AB32 Regulation.


  • The Supplier-Sellers of ARBOCs can purchase invalidation coverage before ARBOCs are delivered, or at Issuance.

  • Invalidation coverage can be acquired by the Covered Entity-Buyers when Issuances are purchased by from the Suppliers.

  • Rating is based on:

    • Number of Issuances

    • Project Types

    • Number of ARBOCs in each Issuance

    • Replacement Limits

    • All the above

  • Underwriters will consider additional coverage raised in Trading Agreements or Requests for Offers. 

The development of the Next-Gen coverage template was a collaborative effort between CA Compliance Insurance Solutions and AmWINS Group, and four global insurance companies are pledging their financial resources behind the Next-Gen coverage.

Together, the Next-Gen Program aims to create an insurance market that will promote efficiencies and scale to drive downward invalidation risk transfer costs. Next-Gen Program also aims to innovate with an eight-year coverage term and insurance for Low Carbon Fuel Standard credits.

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