Invalidation Risk Insurance Program

California Compliance Insurance Solutions and AmWINS Group, the largest wholesale insurance distributor in North America, have partnered to create an Invalidation Risk Insurance Program for California Compliance Instruments.

Germain Topics

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  • AmWINS Group and CCIS

  • Program Team

  • Benefits of an Insurance Program

  • Insurance Program Rates compared to Spread rates

  • Portfolio Risk Invalidation Risks and Limit examples

  • Historical and Prospective Portfolio Quotes – Per Occurrence and Aggregate Limits

  • Portfolio Quote Process

  • Determining Portfolio Limits

  • Miscellaneous Professional Liability policy first introduced for invalidation risk

  • Next-Gen, the new Invalidation Risk Insurance coverage

  • Underwriting information for Portfolios

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AmWINS Group & California Compliance Insurance Solutions (CCIS)

The new Next Gen coverage template is easy to understand. It is easy and less expensive to use as compared to the Golden, and it is easy to maintain. Suppliers will be comfortable using the coverage template to transfer invalidation risk prior to the delivery of ARBOCs. Buyers will be comfortable using it when ARBOCs are delivered, and the Reinsurers will be comfortable when purchasing a 3-year and soon an 8-year coverage term using the Next-Gen coverage template.

AmWins Group

AmWINs is a wholesale brokerage with $17.4B in annual premiums, 5,400 employees, 118 locations in 31 States, and 12 Countries.
It also includes THB, a Lloyds of London broker.


CCIS is a brokerage that specializes in Invalidation Risk exposures and insurance transactions for California Compliance Instruments.
CCIS and AmWINS Group partnered to develop the Next-Gen and educate global Insurers. Our program offers multiple quote options from more than one Insurer for both Issuances and Portfolios.

Next-Gen, the Foundation of the Invalidation Risk Insurance Program

Coverage Upkeep Minimal

Investigation alerts Insurer, no reporting required. Coverage Commences on Transfer Date,
Issuance date, and transfers with title.

Non-liability-based policy

Upstream invalidation risk transfer demands a Non-liability-based policy.

Regulation-Based Policy

Precise language maximizing coverage clarity and understanding for insurance buyers, and Insurers.

Issuance Coverage

Remainder of Invalidation Time Frame, not exceeding three years.

Next-Gen Coverage

Four Invalidation Risk Perils
Indemnifies Owner on Invalidation Date up to Replacement Limit
Upstream Suppliers and Buyers
Issuances and Portfolios

Program Team


Law Degree and BA from University of Pennsylvania


BSc, Economics and Economic History


MIT Sloan Executive Education, Columbia Business School, and BSc, Business Studies & Business Computing


PHD, Quantitative Finance and Masters, Chemical Engineering from the Imperial College London

Matt Wallace
Transacted the first invalidation risk policy for a large Utility. More than eight years working exclusively with invalidation risk and twenty plus years of experience transacting commercial environmental coverage.
Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter


BBA with Finance Studies
David is combining insurance and an Agency Rating for Voluntary Offset Portfolio (s). The offset- portfolio-asset exceeds collateral requirements for business loans.

Portfolio Quoting Process


Execute NDA

Portfolio Underwriting Information/ Next-Gen policy


Next-Gen & Portfolio Q&A

Portfolio risk managers and Program Team Members


Portfolio Quotes

Up to three global Insurers will offer several quote options

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